1. Evolution of Technology “Smartphones and Smart Watches”

    Evolution of smartphones and smart watches

    A mobile phone is a device meant for connecting people as soon as possible. However, many people prefer buying Smartphones these days because they come with the latest technologies and features allowing users to perform various things like a computer. The modern smartphones have taken a long journey and one should know more about the evolution in detail. Moreover, they help to get ideas on where they have come from and what’s coming. Another thing is that provide ways for learning more about the improvements in technology and consumer trends.

    1. The journey of smartphones

    IBM is the first company which introduced a smartphone in 1994 with more capabilities. It had many features that are available in current smartphone devices. Some of them include email, fax,

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  2. Personalize your style

    Personalize your style

    Winter season may cause several problems to both men and women. Therefore, they should focus more on wearing certain clothes and other accessories for getting more protection from wind, snow and other problems. There are several fashion trends available in the markets today allowing a man and woman to enhance their personal styles to a large extent. However, it is an important one to know them in detail that can help to transform the look of a person.

    Knowing more about winter cloth styles

    Choosing the right clothes and accessories may become a difficult one for some men and here are some ideas meant for them to focus more on their overall personality.

    1. Overcoat

    The overcoat is a perfe

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  3. 5G - The Good, Bad and Usefulness for the Customers & Businesses

    5G the good bad and usefulness for the customers and businesses

    By the year 2020, the 5G network will deliver newer experiences to businesses and customers. 5G is the next generation’s cellular technology, which is going to speed up the downloads, improve video calling experience, render great calling experience through Wireless Bluetooth headphones, etc. The faster speed of a network will go up to 10Gbps, support to the Internet of Things enabled devices, and achieving ultra-low latency of nearly 1 millisecond. Many big ventures have already started investing in it, and trial networks are set up across the globe.


    Up’s of 5G

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    • 7 Ways To Look Smart And Feel Warm This Winter

      7 Ways To Look Smart And Feel Warm This WinterWinter is coming. It is time to give your wardrobe a rest and wear whatever looks thick and heavy right? Not really; winter might be the harsh time to wear most of the fashionable dresses but it doesn’t mean that you can’t look good on winter while feeling warm.

      Actually, winter lets you try something new. Give your favorite dress a break and wear something new and unique. You don’t need to dress like Jeor Mormont, to stay warm. Our following tips will make you look cool and sma

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    • Features To Look Out Before You Buy Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

      Wireless Bluetooth headphone is one of the important accessories for everyday life. It lets you listen to music or talk to someone without a lot of hassle. It is required if you’re a bike rider or if you have a habit of going for a walk or jog in the morning.

      Using a  wired headphone will get messy sometimes, especially when the wire gets tangled. It will be frustrating to clear the tangles and will ruin the mood. You can use 
      wireless Bluetooth headphones

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